Ford Ikon (from 2009) – fuse box diagram (India version)

Ford Ikon (from 2009) – fuse box diagram (India version)

Year of production: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Ford Ikon (2009 - 2010) - fuse box (India version)
Ford Ikon (2009) – fuse box (India version)

Fuse labels

Labels Description
See Owner's handbook See Owner’s handbook
Dipped beam Headlamp dipped beam
Main beam or headlamps Headlamp main beam
Dipped beam or parking lamp switch Lighting control
Electric rear windows Electric windows
Air conditioning, heater blower motor Blower motor
Air conditioning Air conditioning
Cigar lighter Cigar lighter
Horn Horn
Central locking Central locking
Instrument cluster Instrument cluster, battery saver, number plate lamp
Side and tail lamps Side and tail lamps
Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators
Brake lamps Stop lamps
audio Audio
Interior lamps Courtesy lamp
Windscreen wipers, windscreen wiper switch Windscreen Wipers
Hazard warning flashers Direction Indicators
Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators Warning


Central fuse box

Fuses Description 1.3 Rocam (ampere rating)
1 Cigar lighter, Central locking 15
2 Interior light, OBD, Radio Memory 10
3 Horn 15
4 PCM Module (Petrol) 15
5 Hazard Flasher 15
6 Side lamps LH 5
7 Side lamps RH 5
8 Diesel heater (Diesel) 15
Fuel Pump (Petrol) 10
9 Light switch ignition 10
10 Dipped beam LH 10
11 Dipped beam RH 10
12 Wiper motor, Washer pump 20
13 Stop lamps, Instrument cluster 15
14 A/C clutch, Engine management 15
15 Light switch battery 5
16 Heater blower motor 30
17 Indicator 15
18 Power window 40
19 Radio (if equipped) 15
20 Engine management 10
21 High beam LH 10
22 High beam RH 10


Fuse box locations

The central fuse box is located underneath the instrument panel on the driver’s side.


WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.