Lincoln MKC (from 2014) – fuse box diagram

Lincoln MKC (from 2014) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2014, 2015, 2016

Pre-fuse box

The pre-fuse box is in the engine compartment attached to the positive battery post. This box contains several high current fuses.

Power distribution box

Lincoln MKC - fuse box - power distribution box
Lincoln MKC – fuse box – power distribution box

The power distribution box is in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

Fuse Ampere rating Protected components
F7 50** Anti-lock brake system module.
F8 30** Anti-lock brake system module.
F9 20** Fuel pump relay.
F10 40** Blower motor relay.
F11 30** Run start relay.
F12 40** Powertrain control module relay.
F13 30** Starter relay.
F14 30** Memory seat.
F15 30** Wipers and washers relay.
F16 25** Cooling fan.
F17 40** Cooling fan 1 (without trailer tow).
5088 Cooling fan 1 (with trailer tow).
F18 40** Cooling fan 2 (without trailer tow).
50** Cooling fan 2 (with trailer tow).
F19 5* Anti-lock brake system module run/start.
F20 20* Horn relay.
F21 10* Brake pedal switch.
F22 25* Windshield wipers and washer.
F23 5* Run/start relay coil.
F24 20* Transmission range control module.
F25 10* Air conditioning clutch relay.
F26 5* Powertrain control module relay coil.
F27 10* Washer pump relay.
F28 10* Alternator sensor.
F29 15* Rain sensor.  Rear wiper.  Washer pump relay coil.
F30 20* Left-hand headlamp.
F31 20* Right-hand headlamp.
F32 15* Vehicle power 1 (powertrain control module).
F33 15* Vehicle power 2 (canister vent solenoid, universal exhausted gas oxygen sensor, variable camshaft timing, catalyst monitor sensor, canister purge solenoid).
F34 15* Vehicle power 3 (A/C clutch control relay coil, variable A/C compressor, fan control relay coil, engine charge air bypass valve solenoid, active grill shutters).
F35 15* Vehicle power 4 (ignition coils).
F36 Not used.
F37 Not used.
F38 Not used.
F39 5* Powertrain control ignition start power – run.
F40 10* Electronic power assist steering run/start.
F41 Not used.
F42 10* Adaptive cruise control.  Blind spot information system.  Heads-up display.  Rear video camera.
F43 Not used.
F44 5* Heated rear window relay coil.  Heated wiper park.
F45 5* Transmission range control module run/start.
F46 40** Heated rear window relay.  Heated wiper park.
F47 Not used.
F48 Not used.
* – Mini fuse

** – J-case fuse


Relay Circuits switched
R1 Run start.
R2 Horn.
R3 Fuel pump.
R4 Rear window washer pump.
R5 Cooling fan relay 3 (with trailer tow).
R6 Windshield wipers.
R7 Cooling fan relay 1 (without trailer tow).  Cooling fan relay 5 (with trailer tow).
R8 Starter.
R9 Not used.
R10 Cooling fan relay 4 (with trailer tow).
R11 Air conditioning clutch.
R12 Cooling fan relay 1 (with trailer tow).  Cooling fan relay 3 (without trailer tow).
R13 Cooling fan relay 2.
R14 Powertrain control module.
R15 Heated rear window.  Heated wiper park.
R16 Blower motor.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Lincoln MKC - fuse box - passenger compartment
Lincoln MKC – fuse box – passenger compartment

The fuse panel is behind the lower end of the glove box.

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Protected compenents
1 10* Lighting (ambient, glove box, vanity, dome, cargo).
2 7,5* Memory seats.
3 20* Driver door unlock.
4 5* Not used (spare).
5 20* Subwoofer amplifier.  THX amplifier.
6 10** Not used (spare).
7 10** Not used (spare).
8 10** Not used (spare).
9 10** Not used (spare).
10 5** Keypad.  Power liftgate logic.
11 5** Not used (spare).
12 7,5** Climate control.  Gear shift control.  Push-button ignition.
13 7,5** Cluster.  Datalink module logic.  Steering column module logic.
14 10** Not used (spare).
15 10** Datalink module.
16 15* Not used (spare).
17 5** Cellphone passport module.
18 5** Not used (spare).
19 7,5** Not used (spare).
20 7,5** Not used (spare).
21 5** Humidity and in-car temperature.
22 5** Occupant classification sensor.
23 10* Delayed accessory (driver window switch, moonroof logic, power inverter logic).
24 20* Central lock and unlock.
25 30* Driver door (window, mirror)
26 30* Front passenger door (window, mirror).
27 30* Moonroof.
28 20* THX amplifier
29 30* Rear driver side door (window).
30 30* Rear passenger side door (window).
31 15* Not used (spare).
32 10* Display.  GPS.  Radio frequency receiver.  Voice control.
33 20* Radio and active noise control.
34 30* Run/start bus (fuse #19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker).
35 5* Restraints control module.
36 15* Auto-dimming rear view mirror.  Continuous control damping suspension.  Lane keeping system module.  Rear heated seats module.
37 20* All-wheel drive relay.  Heated steering wheel.
38 30 Not used (spare).
* – Mini fuse

** – J-case fuse

Rear cargo fuse box

Lincoln MKC - fuse box - rear cargo
Lincoln MKC – fuse box – rear cargo

The fuse panel is located in the cargo area on the passenger side.

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Protected components
F1 Not used.
F2 Not used.
F3 5* Hands-free liftgate module.
F4 Not used.
F5 Not used.
F6 Not used.
F7 30** Rear heated seats.
F8 30** Power cinch latch.  Power liftgate.
F9 20** Heated front seats.
F10 40** Trailer tow.
F11 30** Climate control seats.
F12 20** Auxiliary power point – instrument panel.
F13 Not used.
F14 30** Power seats.
F15 20** Auxiliary power point – inside of floor console.
F16 20** Auxiliary power point – rear of floor console.
F17 Not used.
F18 20** Auxiliary power point – cargo area.
F19 40** Inverter power outlet.
1Mini fuse.
2J-case fuse.

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.