Mercury Tracer – fuse box diagram

Mercury Tracer – fuse box diagram

Year od production: 1996, 1997, 1998

Fuse box in instrument panel

Mercury Tracer - fuse box - instrument panel
Mercury Tracer – fuse box – instrument panel
Fuse Ampere rating [A] Description
1 10 A/C on indicator, Air conditioner relay, Air conditioner switch, daytime running lamp module, daytime running lamp relay, rear wiper and washer motor, wide – open throttle cutout relay
2 30 Door lock motor
3 20 Brakelamp, electronic automatic translaxle module, powertrain control module, high-mount brakelamp, horn, shift inter;pck system, speed control
4 15 Hazard flasher, front and rear turn lamp, turn indiciator lamp
5 30 Passive belt control module, passive belt motor
6 15 Powertrain control module (1.8L engine), exterior lamps, interior illumination, parking lamp relay, warning chime module
7 15 (1.8L engine) Dome and map lamp, door lock switch, engine room, ignition key illumination, luggage lamp, premium sound amplifier, radio (memory), powertrain control module, shift interlock system, visior mirror lamp, warning chime module
15 (1.8L engine)
8 30 Power window motor
9 15 Moon roof motor
10 15 Cooling fan system, powertrain module power relay
11 15 Air bag, diagnostic module, backup lamps, cluster, flasher unit, passive belt control module, powertrain control module (Canada only), shift-lock system, speed control, turn signal flasher, warning chime
12 15 Instrument panel dimmer modulem radio, remote control mirror
13 20 Front wiper and washer motor, interval governor, interval wiper and washer switch
14 20 Powertrain control module (1.8L engine), rear window defrost
15 30 CB Blower motor, powertrain control module (1.8L engine)
16 10 (1.9L engine) Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor (1.9L engine) (on joint box side not shown), horn (on joint box side, not shown)
20 (1.8L engine)
17 20 Cigar lighter (on joint box side)
18 10 Anti0lock brake system (1.8L engine)


Fuse box in engine compartment

Mercury Tracer - fuse box - engine compartment
Mercury Tracer – fuse box – engine compartment
Fuse Ampere rating [A] description
1 30 Charging system (1.8L engine), fuel injection system
2 30 FL Daytime running lamps (Canada), fog lamps, headlamps, high beam indicator
3 80 FL Charging system, engine compartment fuse panel (ABS, A/C, BTN, Fan, Horn (1.8L engine), engine controls, instrument cluster (manual transaxle only), instrument panel fuse panel (cigar, defrost, engine ABS, heater, HEGO (1.9L engine), meter, power window, radio, rear wiper, sun roof), starting system
100 FL
4 60 FL (1.8L engine) Charging system (1.9L engine), instrument panel fuse panel (belt, door ;pck, hazard, room, stop, tail)
40 FL
5 30 (1.8L MTX engine) Cooling fan system
40 (1.9L engine, 1.8L ATX engine)
6 10 (1.9L engine) Air conditioner magner clutch, powertrain control module (1.9L engine)
20 (1.8L engine)
7 10 FL (1.8L engine) Fuel pump relay, powertrain control module
20 (1.9L engine) Fuel pump
8 60 (1.8L engine) Anti-lock brake system
9 10 Air bag diagnostic module
10 20 (1.8L engine) Fuel pump
10 (1.9L engine) OBD-II (Data link connector)


WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.