BMW Z4 sDrive35is (2011) – specifications

BMW Z4 sDrive35is (2011) – specifications

Engine specification

Displacement cu in/cm3 181.8/2,976
No. of cylinders 6
Maximum output hp 335
at engine speed rpm 5,900
Maximum torque lb ft/Nm 335/454
at engine speed rpm 1,500


BMW Z4 sDriver35is - dimensions
BMW Z4 sDriver35is – dimensions


Approved gross vehicle weight
Manual transmission lbs/kg
With authomatic transmission lbs/kg 4,178/1,895
Load lbs/kg 562/255
Approved front axle load lbs/kg 1,918/870
Approved rear axle load lbs/kg 2,271/1,030
Trunk capacity cu ft/l 6.4 – 10.9/180 -310

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.