Acura SLX (1998 – 1999) – fuse panel

Acura SLX (1998 – 1999) – wiring diagrams – fuse panel

Year of productions:  1998, 1999

Diode list

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – diode list

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – diode list
Connector No. X-14 X-15 B-39 B-40 B-43 B-44 B-45 B-46
Usage EHCU Headlight Cornering light
Transmission A/T X
 EHCU: Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit

Fuse (Relay and Fuse Box)

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – fuse and relay box

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – fuse and relay box
Fuse number Capacity Indication on label Parts (Load)
F-2 20 02 SENSOR HEATER Oxygen sensor
F-3 15 HORN HAZARD Hazard warning light, Horn relay, Horn, Anti-theft horn
F-4 15 HILAMP-LH Headlight-LH, High beam indicator light, Fog light relay, Cornering light
F-5 15 HILAMP-RH Headlight-RH
F-8 15 (FRT FOG) Fog light
F-9 20 ABS Hydraulic unit
F-10 15 FUEL PUMP Fuel pump
F-12 15 TAIL Tail relay, Parking light, Side marker light, Taillight, License plate light, Illumination controller, Illumination light, A/T shift indicator control unit

Fuse (Fuse Box)

Fuse No. Capacity Indication on label Parts (Load)
C-1 10 STARTER RELAY Starter relay, Anti-theft controller
C-2 15 (SEAT HEATER) Seal heater SW, Seat heater
C-3 15 TURN BACK Mode Sw, PCM, Cornering relay, Turn signal light,
Backup light, Cruise control unit, A/T shift indicator, control unit
C-4 10 ELEC.IGN. Rear defogger relay. Rear defogger SW, Power window relay, Cruise control unit, EHCU, G sensor, Upshift relay- 2, Shift lock controller, Door mirror defogger, Upshift indicator light, Shift on the fly relay, VSV; FRT axle (C), VSV; FRT axle (d)
C-5 15 FRT WIPER & WASHER Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer motor, Windshield wiper intermittent relay
C-6 10 RR WIPER & WASHER Rear wiper motor, Rear washer motor, Rear wiper intermittent relay
C-8 15 ENGINE Generator, PCM relay, VSV; purge solenoid, Coil drive, PCM, EGR valve
C-9 15 IG COIL Ignition coil, Mass air flow sensor
C-10 10 METER GAUGE Indicator and warning lights (Meter), Meter gauges, Vehicle speed sensor
C-11 10 (AUDIO (ACC)) MIRROR Audio, Digital clock, Power door mirror, Multi meter
C-12 20 CIGAR Cigarette lighter
C-13 10 (ANTI THEFT) Anti-theft controller
C-14 15 STOPLIGHT A/T CONT PCM, Stoplight, High mount stoplight, Cruise control unit, EHCU. Shift lock controller
C-15 20 (AUDIO (B)) Audio
C-16 10 CLOCK (B) DOME LIGHT Luggage room light, FRT courtesy lighl. RR courtesy light, Dome light, Map light, Seat belt-key & light remind buzzer, Auto antenna motor, Digital clock, Anti-Theft controller
C-17 25 RR DEFOG Rear defogger
C-18 20 (DOOR LOCK) FRT door lock & power window SW, Door lock actuator, Anti-theft indicator light
C-19 25 BLOWER MTR Blower motor, Blower resistor
C-20 10 (AIR CON) AIC thermostat relay, Electronic thermostat, A/C compressor relay, Magnetic clutch
C-21 10 SRS-1 SDM
ECM: Engine control module, VSV: Vacuum switching valve
Fusible Link No. Capacity Indication on label
FL-1 80 MAIN
FL-2 50 KEY SW
FL-3 30 PCM
ECM: Engine Control Module
ABS: Anti-lock Brake System
Circuit breaker No. Capacity Indication on label Parts (Load)
CB-2 30 (PfW, P/S, S/R) Power window relay, Power window SW, Power window motor, Sun roof motor, Sun roof control unit, Sun roof SW, Safety stop SW, Limit SW, Power seat switch, Front tilt motor & SW, Rear till motor & SW, Side motor, Recliner motor & SW

Relay list

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – fuse panel relay list

Acura SLX – fuse box diagram – fuse panel relay list
Connector No. X-1 X-5 X-7 X-8 X-9 X-11 X-12 X-16
Usage Lighting A/C thermostat A/C compressor Horn Tail Fuel pump PCM Upshift-1
Transmission A/T X X X X X X X
Connector No. X-17 X-21 X-22 X-23 B-36 B-37 B-38
Usage Starter Upshift-2 Cornering light Fog light Heater & A/C Power window Rear defogger
Transmission A/T X X X X X X

A/C: Air Conditioning

PCM: Power Control Module

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.