Acura Vigor (1993 – 1994) – fuse box diagram

Acura Vigor (1993 – 1994) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1993, 1994

Passenger compartment fuse box

Acura Vigor - fuse box diagram - passenger compartment
Acura Vigor – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment
Position Fuse rating [A] Protected component
1 10 Back-up lights. Gauge assembly, Clock, Vehicle speed sensor (VSS), Integrated control unit
2 15 Emission conttol box, PGM·FI main relay, EVAP purge conttol solenoid valve, Alternator, Radiator fan control module,c Intake air bypass (lAB) control solenoid valve, SRS conltol unit, Gauges, Electric load detector (ELD) unit
3 10 SRS control unit
4 7,5 Cruise control system, Transmission control module (TCM), Security control unit
5 10 Moomoof open relay,  Moonroof close relay, Windshield wiper system, Shift lock solenoid (A/T)
6 30 Windshield wipers motor
7 7,5 Heater control amplifter, Heater control panel, Blower motor relay, Blower motor high relay, ABS control unit, ABS tail-saferelays, ABS motor relay, Option B (IG2) connector, ASS inspection connactor
8 7,5 Power mirrors, Power mirror defoggee relay (Canada), A/C compressor clutch, A/C compressor clutch relay, Radiator fan control module, Heated seats (Canada)
9 7,5 ECM. Gauge assembly
10 7,5 Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
11 10 Stereo radio/cassette player, Audio power amplifier unit, Option A (ACC) connector, Cigarette lighter relay, Cellular phone
12 7,5 Turn signal/hazard relay


Acura Vigor - fuse box diagram - engine compartment
Acura Vigor – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
Position Fuse name Fuse rating [A] Protected component
15 BATTERY 100 Alternator, Power Distribution
16 REAR DEFROSTER 40 Rear window defogger, Radio noise condenser 2
17 HEATER BLOWER 30 Blower Motor
18 IG 50 Ignition switch (BAT)
19 L-HEADLIGHT 20 Left headlight, Daytime running light (CANADA)
20 R-HEADL.IGHT 20 Right headlight, Daytime running light (CANADA)
21 SMALL LIGHT 20 Dash lights, Exterior lights., Security system
22 HEATED SEAT 15 Heated seats (Canada)
24 POWER WINDOW RR-R 20 Master power window switch, Right rear power window motor
25 POWER WINDOW RR-L 20 Master power window switch, Left rear power window motor
26 POWER WINDOW FR-R 20 Master power window switch, Front passenger’s power window motor
27 POWER SEAT {RECLINING) 20 Driver·s power seat switch, Recline motor
28 POWER WINDOW FR-L 20 Master power window switch. Driver’s power window motor
29 SUNROOF 30 Moonroof “open” relay, Moonroof “close” relay
30 STOP, HORN 20 Horns, Brake lights, Security control unit Interlock system
31 POWER SEAT (SLIDE) 20 Driver’s power seat switch, Slide motor
32 DOOR LOCK 20 Power door lock control unit, Keyless entry system
33 ECU 10 PGM-FI main relay
34 CONDENSER FAN 15 Condenser fan motor
35 HAZARD 10 Hazard warning lights, Turn signal/hazard relay
36 FRONT FOG LIGHT 15 Front log lights
37 INTERIOR LIGHT 15 Interior lights, Cigarette lighter, Power antenna motor, Power mirror defoggers, Integrated control unit, Cellular phone
38 COOLING FAN 15 Radiator fan relay. Radiator fan motor
39 BACK UP 10 ECM, Transmission control module (TCM), Clock, Radiator fan control module, Stereo radio/cassette player, Audio power amplifter unit
Acura Vigor - fuse box diagram - ABS fuse box
Acura Vigor – fuse box diagram – ABS fuse box
Number Fuse Name Ampere ratting [A] Description
45 ABS MOTOR 50 ABS motor relay, ABS motor
46 ABS UNIT 7,5 ABS control unit
47 ABS B3 15 ABS control unit (B3)
48 ABS B2 15 ABS control unit (B2)
49 ABS B1 15 ABS control unit (B1)


Acura Vigor - fuse box diagram - relay
Acura Vigor – fuse box diagram – relay

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.