Buick Encore (2016) – fuse box diagram

Buick Encore (2016) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2016

Engine Compartment Fuse Block

Buick Encore - fuse box - engine compartment
Buick Encore – fuse box – engine compartment
Mini Fuses Usage
1 Sunroof
2 Outside Rearview Mirror Switch
3 Canister vent solenoid
4 Not used
5 Electronic brake control module valve
6 Intelligent battery sensor
7 Not used
8 Transmission control module battery
9 Not used
10 Fuel System Control Module R/C/ Headlamp Leveling
11 Rear wiper
12 Rear window defogger
13 Not used
14 Outside Rearview Mirror Heater
15 Fuel system control module battery
16 Heated seat module/ Memory module
17 Transmission Control Module R/C
18 Engine Control Module R/C
19 Fuel pump
20 Not used
21 Fan Relay (Auxiliary Fuse Block)
22 Not used
23 Ignition coil/ Injector
24 Washer pump
25 Not used
26 Canister Purge Solenoid/Water Valve Solenoid/ Oxygen Sensors – Pre and Post/Turbo Wastegate Solenoid (1.4L)/Turbo Bypass Solenoid (1.4L)
27 Auxiliary Heater Pump
28 Engine Control Module Powertrain Ignition 1
29 Engine Control Module Powertrain Ignition 2
30 Mass Air Flow Sensor
31 Left high-beam headlamp
32 Right high-beam headlamp
33 Engine control module battery
34 Horn
35 Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch
36 Front fog lamps


J-Case Fuses Usage
1 Electronic brake control module pump
2 Front wipe
3  Blower Motor
5 Not Used
6 Not Used
7 Starter Solenoid (Automatic Transmission), Not Used (Manual Transmission
8 Cooling Fan Low/Mid
9 Cooling Fan High
10 EVP
11  Pinion Starter Solenoid (Automatic Transmission), Starter Solenoid (Manual Transmission)


U-Micro Relays Usage
2 Fuel pump
4 Starter/Spare


HC-Micro Relays Usage
7 Starter/Starter pinion


Mini Relays Usage
1 Run/Crank
3 Cooling fan – mid
5 Powertrain relay
8 Cooling fan – low


HC-Mini Relays Usage
6 Cooling fan – high

Auxiliary Fuse Block

Buick Encore - fuse box - auxiliary fuse block
Buick Encore – fuse box – auxiliary fuse block
Relays Usage
RLY01 Electric vacuum pump
RLY02 Cooling fan control 1
RLY03 Cooling fan control 2

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The instrument panel fuse block is on the underside of the driver side instrument panel.

Buick Encore - fuse box - instrument panel
Buick Encore – fuse box – instrument panel
Fuses Usage
F1 Body control module 1
F2 Body control module 2
F3 Body control module 3
F4 Body control module 4
F5 Body control module 5
F6 Body control module 6
F7 Body control module 7
F8 Body control module 8
F9 Discrete logic ignition switch
F10 Sensing Diagnostic Module Battery
F11 Data link connector
F12 Heater, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning MDL/ICS
F13 Liftgate relay
F14  UPA Module
F15 LDW Module/Inside Rearview Mirror
F16 Adaptive forward lighting module
F18 Rain Sensor
F19 Body Control Module Regulated Voltage Contro
F20 Steering Wheel Switch Backlighting
F21 A/C Accessory Power Outlet/ PRND
F22 Cigar Lighter/DC Accessory Power Outle
F23 Spare
F24 Spare
F25 Spare
F26 Automatic Occupant Sensing Display
F27 IPC/PTC Control/ Clutch Switch
F28 Headlamp Switch/ AFL/DC Converter
F29 Spare
F30 Transmission Control Module Battery
F31 IPC Battery
F32 Radio/Chime/ Aux Jack
F33 Display/Faceplate
F34 OnStar/UHP/DAB


Midi Fuses Usage
M01  PTC


S/B Fuses Usage
S/B01 Spare
S/B02 Spare
S/B03 Power Window Motor Front
S/B04 Power Window Motor Rear
S/B05 Logistic mode relay
S/B06 Spare
S/B07 Spare
S/B08 Spare


Circuit Breaker Usage
CB1 Spare


Relay Usage
RLY01 Accessory/Retained accessory power
RLY02 Liftgate
RLY03 Spare
RLY04 Spare
RLY05 Logistic mode

Rear Compartment Fuse Block

The rear compartment fuse block is behind a cover on the driver side of the rear compartment.

Buick Encore - fuse box - rear compartment
Buick Encore – fuse box – rear compartment
Mini Fuses Usage
F1 Driver Seat Power Lumbar Switch
F2 Passenger Seat Power Lumbar Switch
F3 Amplifier
F4 Trailer Socket (N/A)
F5 All-Wheel Drive Module
F6 Automatic Occupant Sensing Module
F7 Spare/LPG Module Battery
F8 Trailer Parking Lamps (N/A)
F9 Spare
F10 Spare/Side Blind Zone Alert Module
F11 Trailer Module (N/A)
F12 Nav Dock
F13 Heated Steering Wheel
F14 Trailer Socket (N/A)
F15 Spare/EVP Switch
F16 Water In Fuel Sensor
F17 Inside Rearview Mirror/Rear Vision Camera
F18 Spare/LPG Module Run/Crank


S/B Fuses Usage
S/B01 Driver Power Seat Switch/Memory Module
S/B02 Passenger Power Seat Switch
S/B03 Trailer Module (N/A)
S/B04 A/C-D/C Inverter
S/B05 Battery
S/B06 Headlamp Washer
S/B07 DC/DC Source 1
S/B08 DC/DC Source 1
S/B09 Spare


Relays Usage
RLY01 Ignition Relay
RLY02 Run Relay

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.