Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1996) – fuse box diagram

Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1996) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1996

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Chevrolet Monte Carlo -  fuse box - instrument panel
Chevrolet Monte Carlo – fuse box – instrument panel
Circuit Breaker Usage
C Power Windows
D Power Seats
Fuse Description
1 CIGAR LIGHTER — Instrument Panel and Console Cigar Lighter
4 HVAC #2 — HVAC Control Assembly, Soloneid Box
6 POWER ACCESSORY #2 — Sunroof Control Unit
10 I/P ELECTRONICS BATTERY FEED — Chime Module, Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM), Theft Deterrent Module, Radio
12 ANTI-THEFT — Theft Deterrent Module
13 ABS — Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM), ABS Relay
14 HVAC BLOWER MOTOR — Blower Motor Relay
15 HVAC #1 — Air Temperature Valve Motor,  Daytime Running Lamps Module (with DRL), HVAC Control Assembly, Multifunction Lever Cruise Control Switch
16 REAR DEFOG — HVAC Control Assembly Rear Window Defogger Switch
19 POWER ACCESSORY #1– Trunk Courtesy Lamp, Door Lock  Switches, Power Mirror Switch
21 AIR BAG — Air Bag System
23 STOPLAMPS — TCC/Brake Switch
28 CTSY LAMPS — Vanity Mirrors, Defogger Relay, I/P Compartment Lamp, Header Courtesy and Reading Lamp, I/S Lighted Rearview Mirror, Dome Lamp
29 WIPER — Wiper Switch
30 TURN SIGNAL — Turn Signal Flasher
32 POWER LOCKS — Door Lock Relay, Keyless Entry Receiver
38 RADIO — Radio, Steering Wheel Radio Switches
39 I/P ELECTRONICS IGNITION FEED — Headlamp Switch, Cruise Control Cut-Out Switch, Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), TCC/Brake Switch, Instrument Cluster, Chime Module, Keyless Entry Receiver

Underhood Electrical Center – Passenger Side

Chevrolet Monte Carlo - fuse box - underhood electrical center passenger side
Chevrolet Monte Carlo – fuse box – underhood electrical center passenger side
Fuse Description
A.I.R. PMP A.I.R. Relay
R/CMPT REL Remote Trunk Release, Back-Up Lamps
ECM BAT Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Relay, Fan Cont #1 Relay
A/C CONT A/C CMPR Relay (VIN M only)
TCC Automatic Transaxle, Transaxle Range Switch (VIN M only)
F/INJN Fuel Injectors
ECM IGN Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor (VIN X only), EGR, CCP, Oxygen Sensor, VAC CAN SW, Fan #2 Relay
ELEK IGN Electronic Ignition (EI) Control Module
10 I/P Fuse Block
11 FAN CONT #1 Relay
12 Passenger Side Underhood Electrical Center and I/P Fuse Blocks: Fuses 5, 14,23 and 32
13 FAN CONT #2 Relay and I/P Fuse Block: Fuse 16, Power Seat Circuit Breaker “D”
Relay Description
16 FAN CONT #2 — Secondary Cooling Fan (Passenger Side)
17 FAN CONT #1– Primary Cooling Fan (Driver Side)
18 Ignition Relay


Underhood Electrical Center — Driver Side

Chevrole Monte Carlo -  fuse box - underhood electrical center driver side
Chevrole Monte Carlo –
fuse box – underhood electrical center driver side
Fuse Usage
FOG LPS Fog Lamps
PARK LPS Headlamp Switch
HORN Horn Relay, Underhood Lam
VAR P/S Steering
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
10 IGN SW2 — VP Fuse Block: PWR WDO and Circuit Breaker “D”; Passenger Side Underhood Electrical Center: TCC and ENG EMIS Fuses
11 IGN SW1 — VP Fuse Block: Radio, Wiper, HVAC, ABS and Turn Signal Fuses; Passenger Side Underhood Electrical Center: F/IJN, ECM IGN and ELEK IGN Fuses
12 HD LPS — Circuit Breaker to Headlamp Switch
13 ABS — ABS Relay
Relay Description
14 ABS — Anti-Lock Brake System
WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.