Ford Thunderbird (1989 – 1997) – fuse box diagram (USA version)

Ford Thunderbird (1989 – 1997) – fuse box diagram (USA version)

Year of production: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Fuse box

Ford Thunderbird (1995) - fuse box
Ford Thunderbird (1995) – fuse box
Fuse/CB Ampere rating [A] Description
Run 5 Cluster, defroster switch, coolant level sensor, washer level sensor, DRL module, EVO test, EVO steering sensor, ARC (EVO) module, ARC switch, EATC blend door, air bag module, overdrive cancel switch, brake shift solenoid
Anti-lock 10 Main ABS realy, ABS module
OBD-II 10 OBD-II test connector
Panel Lps. 5 Cluster illumination, rear defrost switch illumination, A/C switch-maunal illuminastion, PRND21 illumination, ashtray light, EATC illumination, clock illumination, radio illumination
Cigar Ltr. 20 Lighter, flash to pass
Stop/Haz. 15 Speed control module, ABS module, brake shift interlock, high mount brake lamp, stop lamps, flasher
Cluster 5 Cluster (gauges), cluster (ABS), cluster (air bags), chime, autolamp sensor
ACC 10 Integrated module, voltmeter, speed control, remote keyless entry module, anti-theft, power window and lock switch illumination, radio, power antenna, clock
Wipers 30 Wiper motor, washer motor
Seat/Lock 20 Power locks, decklid relase solenoid, power seats
Power Wdo 20 Power windows, moon roof motor
Park Lps. 20 Panel dimmer, front parking lamps, parking lamps, license lamps, autoshock module, clock
Air Bag 10 Air bag module
A/C 10 A/C clutch
Hego 15 HEGO 1 and 2
Int. Lps. 10 Power mirrors, anti-theft lamps, trunk lamp, map lamps, vanity lamps, glove compartment lamps, engine compartment lamp, instrument panel lamps, rear courtesy lamps, door courtesy lamps, doome lamp
Turn sign 10 Indicators, turn signals, backup lamps


High current fuse panel

Ford Thunderbird (1995) - high current fuse panel
Ford Thunderbird (1995) – high current fuse panel
Fuse/relay Ampere rating [A] Description
1 STD 15 DRL module
2 STD 5 Memory
3 FL 20 Ignition coil
4 FL 20 Autoshock
5 FL 60 Engine fan
6 FL 40 ABS motor
7 FL 60 Headlamps
8 FL 20 ABS module
9 FL 60 Ignition switch
10 STD 15 Horn
11 STD 15 Generator
12 FL 40 Fuse panel
13 FL 20 Fuel pump
14 FL 40 Rear deforst
15 FL 20 Electronic engine control (EEC) module
16 FL 30 Pusher fan
17 FL 60 Blower motor
18 FL Not used
Relay 1 Not used
Relay 2 Not used
Relay 3 Horn
Relay 4 ABS
Maga fuse 175 Power distribution box

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.