Hyundai Tucson (2005 – 2009) – fuse box diagram

Hyundai Tucson (2005 – 2009) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Engine compartment

Hyundai Tucson - fuse box - engine compartment
Hyundai Tucson – fuse box – engine compartment
Description Ampere rating [A] Protected component
FUSIBLE LINK IGN 30 Start relay, lgition switch
ECU 30 Engine control, Fuel pump , A/C, Generator, ATM
BATT #1 50 Ignition switch, Power connector
C/FAN 50 Cooling fan
ABS #1 30 ABS, ESP
ABS #2 40 ABS, ESP
BLOWER 30 Blower
BATT #2 30 Igition switch, Power connector
FUSE INJ 15 Injector
SNSR 10 Cooling fan, Stop lamp switch, Oxygen sensor, ECM/PCM
F/FOG 15 Front fog lamp
HORN 15 Horn, Siren
A/CON 15 A/C
H/LP (HI) 15 Head lamp (HIGH)
H/LP (LOW) 15 Head lamp (LOW)


Inner Panel

Hyundai Tucson - fuse box - inner panel (left hand drive)
Hyundai Tucson – fuse box – inner panel
Fuse Ampere rating [A] Protected component
P/WDW-LH 30 Left power window
P/WDW-RH 30 Right power window
TAIL RH 10 Right rear combination lamp, Glove box llluminations
RR HTR 30 Rear defogger
A/BAG 15 SRS control
CLUSTER 10 Instrument cluster, ETACM/TACM
TAIL LH 10 Left head lamp, left rear combination lamp, License lamp
AUDIO 10 Digital clock, Audio, Power outside mirror folding module, Power outside mirror & mirror folding switch
20 Cigarette lighter
RR FOG 10 Rear fog lamp
HTD MIRR 10 Left/Right power outsider mirror& mirror folding motor, Rear defogger switch
AUDIO 10 Audio
IG COIL 20 Ignition coil (2.7 GSL)
IMMO 10 Immobilizer control module (2.7 GSL)
P/OUTLET 15 Rear power outlet
10 (Not used)
S/HTR 20 Seat warmer
A/CON SW 10 A/C control module (Manual A/C)
START 10 Burglar alarm relay, Transaxle range switch, lgnition lock switch
IG-SW 30 Ignition switch
ROOM LP 10 Room lamp, A/C control module, Digital clock, ETACM/TACM Key remind switch
AMP 20 Audio
T/SIG 10 Hazard switch, Auto light & Photo sensor, Transaxle range switch
A/BAG IND 10 Instrument cluster
RR WIPER 15 Safety relay
A/CON 10 Sunroof controller, A/C control module, Blower relay, ETACM/TACM
IGN 10 PTC heater relay, Fuel filter heater relay, DRL CONTROL MODULE, head LAMP RELAY
HAZARD 10 Hazard switch, Hazard relay, Immobilizer control module (2.7 GSL)
S/ROOF 20 Sunroof, Door lock/unlock relay
STOP 15 Stop lamp switch, Power outside mirror folding module
H/FREE 10 (Not used)
ECU 10 Cruise control, Stop lamp, TCS, ESP, 4WD ECM, ECM, PCM, TCM, Vehicle speed sensor
FF WIPER 20 Front wiper, Multifunction switch
4WD 20 4WD/ECM
DEICER 15 Winshield defogger
TCU 10 TCM (2.7 GSL/DSL)
ABS 10 G-Sensor, ESP, ABS

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.