Mercedes-Benz 190E (1990) – wiring diagrams – fuse box diagram

Mercedes-Benz 190E (1990) – wiring diagrams – fuse box diagram

Year of productions:  1990

Fuse panel

Mercedes Benz 190E - fuse box diagram
Mercedes Benz 190E – fuse box diagram
Relay code Relay use
A K6 Power Seat Relay
B F13 Auxiliarv Fuse Holdee (Power Seats)
C 1
D K2 Headlamp – Washer Relay
R1 N10 Combination Relay) (Rear Defogger Timer, Wiper/Washer, Hazard/Turn Signal Flasher)
R2 K4 Power Window Relay
R3 K10 Auxiliary Fan Preresistor Relay
R4 Not Used


1 K9 Auxiliary fan relay (model 201,128)
K8/1 Relayt for dual auxiliary fans (model (201.128)
2 Up to chassis end numbers 1A 313825 and 1F 229814 fuse no. 9
15 Removed and a bridge is installed between fuse no. 9 and 10


Number Ampere rating [A] Circuit protected Connection to circuit
1 Auxiliary Fan/Coolnnt Fan, Tempmatic Climate Control, Transmission Kick-Down 15X
2 8 Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan, Tempmatic Climate Control 15
3 16 Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan 30
4 8 Headlamps (Left High Beam) 56a
5 8 Headiamps iLefi. High Beam) 56a
6 16 Rear Defogger 30
7 16 Power Windows (Left Front/Right Rear) 15R
9 8 Anti· Lock Brake System, Backup Lamps, Cruise Control, Gauges, Stop Lamp, Warning Indicators 15
10 8 without heated seats Anti· Theft Alarm System, Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan, Cruise Control, Engine Overload Protection, Exhaust Gas Recircuiation, Heated Seats, Orthopedic Seats, Outside Heated Mirrors, Right Outside Mirror, Tachometer, Trnnsmission Kick-Down, Wiper/Washer 15
16 with heated seats or fuse bridge
11 8 Horn, Tempmatic Climate Control, Turn Signal Lamps, Warning System 15
12 8 Anti-Theft Alarm System, Central Locking System, Courtesy Lamps, Power Seats 30
13 8 Automatic Antenna, Clock, Courtesy Lamps, Hazard Lamps, Radio, Trunk Lamp, Warning System 30
14 8 lllumination: Instrument, Cluster/Center Console, Headlamp Wiper/Washer,

Lamps: Parkfraii/Side Mnrker/License/Gear Selector, Warning System

15 8 Lamps: Parkr/Tail/Side Marker/License/Gear Selector 58L
16 8 Fog Lamps 58L
17 8 Headlamps (Right Low Beam) 56b
18 8 Headlamps (Left Low Beam) 56b
19 8 without slidinn roof Cigar Lighter, Glove Box Lamp, Radio, Rear Defogger, Sliding Roof 15R
20 16 Headlamps, Headlamp Wiper/Washer, Wiper/Washer 15R
21 25 Front Power Seat Switches: Front Height, Forward  Backward 15R/30
22 25 Front Power Seat Switches: Rear Height, Back Rear 15R/30


WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.