Mercedes CL Class c215 – fuse box diagram

Mercedes CL Class c215 (2000 – 2006)  – fuse box diagram

Location of fuses

Fuses and relays Location
Fuses 1 –  27 Engine compartment – left side/driver side
Relays A.B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J
Fuses 28 – 49 Engine compartment – right side/passenger side
Reyals K,L,M,N,O
Fuses 50 – 77 Under the rear seat on the passenger side
Relays Q,R,S,T,U
Fuses 78 – 86 On the left side of dashboard
Mercedes CL Class c215 – fuse box in engine compartment (left side)


Mercedes CL Class c215 fuse box – engine compartment (right side)


Mercedes CL Class c215 – fuse box under rear seat (right side)

Fuses and relays

Fuse number System
F9,F46 ABC suspension
F13,F80 Adjustable mirror, left
F39,F80 Adjustable mirror, right
F3,F4,F78 Adjustable sterring column
F9,F32,F46 Air suspension
F32 Air suspension compressor
F60 Antenna booster
F51,F78,F80 Anti-thef alarm system
F33,F47,F82 Automatic temperature control
F13,F39 Automatic dimming exterior mirror
F77 Automatic dimming interior mirror
F33 Blower motor AC
F24 Car audio system
F23 CD changer
F83 Centrol control unit
F62 Central locking
F86 Cigar lighter, front
F72,F74 Cigar lighter, rear, left/right
F76 Cool box
F78 Cruise control
F81,F84 Diagnostic socket
Electronic fuse Dipped beam headlamp, left/right
F36,F80 Distronic
F77 Dome lamp
F13,F64 Driver seat adjustment
F13,F64 Driver seat heating
F64 Driver seat ventilation
F11,F60 Electronic Troll Collection
F30,F44,F87 Engine fan
F29,F30, older F43, F44, older F87, F88 ENGINE EMERGENCY STOP
F29,F30,F43,F44,F78,F87,F88 Engine managment unit
F13,F39,F72,F74 Entrance light
F2,F34,F80 ESP
F13,F39 Exterior mirror indicators left/right
F28 Fanfare Horn
Electronic fuse Fog lamp, front left/fight
F13,F39 Folding exterior mirror
F39,F66 Front passenger seat heating
F66 Front passenger seat ventilation
Electronic fuse Front side light, left/right
F52,F91 Fuel pump
F77 Garage door remote control
Electronic fuse Headlamp cleaning system
F40 Headlamp range adjustment
F13,F39 Heated mirror
F41,F80 Heated booster
F49 Ignition coil
F78 Ignition lock
F79,F84,F85 Instrument cluster
F63 Interactive seat
F13,F77 Interior mirror adjuster
F77 Interior motion sensor
F58 Keyless go
Electronic fuse Main beam headlamp, left/right
F77 Make-up mirror
F22 Navigation system
 F75,F80 Parktronic system
F39,F66 Passenger seat adjustment
F13,F39,F62,F72,F74 Power locking
F13 Power window, drivers seat
F13,F39 Power window, passenger seat
F13,F72 Power window, rear left
F13,F74 Power window, rear right
F77 Rain/Driving light sensor
F77 Reading lamp
F68,F69 Rear air conditionig
Electronic fuse Rear fog lamp
F62,F80 Rear head release
F62,F72,F74,F80 Rear head restraint adjustment
F67,F72,F74 Rear seat adjustment
F67,F72,F74 Rear seat heating
F67 Rear seat ventilation
Electronic fuse Rear side lamp, left/right
F50,F80 Rear window blind
F53,F82 Rear window defroster
Electronic fuse Registration plate lighting
F13,F53,F62 Remote closing and locking trunk lid
F13,F62 Remote trunk lid release
Electronic fuse Reversing lamp
F19,F71,F73 Seatbelt pre-tensioner
F64,F66 Seatbelt comfort fit system
F17 Seatbelt locking system
F77 Sliding/tilting sunroof
F25 Sound system
F16 Stop signal switch
F59 Taxi
F18,F61 Telephone system/emergency call
F70 Tire pressure monitoring system
F54,F55,F56 Trailer coupling
F55 Trailer power supply
F37 Transmission control
F38,F62 Trunk interior nonlocking switch
Electronic fuse Trunk light
Electronic fuse Turn indicators
F23 TV/Rear TV
F61 Voice control system
F5,F78 Windscreen wipers
F10 Windshield washer system
F1 Wiper recess heating
Electronic fuse Front side (marker) light left/right
Glove compartment light
Hazard (flasher) warning system
Headlamp cealing system
(High) main beam lamp left/right
(Low) dimmed beam light
Front fog lamp – left/right
Rear fog lamp
Rear side (marker) light left/right
Registration plate lighting
Reversing lamp back-up light)
Tail lights left/right
Parking lights left/right
Turn signal flasher lights
Trunk light
Turn indicators


Relay Description
A Wiper heating and position
B Binding post 15
C Binding post
D Steering column jacket horizontal 1
E Steering column jacket horizontal 2
F Recirculating pump
G Wiper speed 1/2
H Wiper ON/OFF, Steering column jacket vertical 1
J Steering column jacket vertical 2
K Motronic/Chassis
L Choke
M Disel control system
N Secondary air pump
O Air suspension
P Horn
Q Rear bind
R Tow-away protection EWD S Binding post 15
T Fuel pump
U Rear window heater
V Motronic
W Coolant pump charge air
X Fuel pump AMG

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.