Mercedes E class w123 – 240D (1982) – fuse box diagram

Mercedes E class w123 – 240D (1982) – fuse box diagram (123 545 06 00)

Mercedes w123 240d - fuse-box
Mercedes w123 – 240d – fuse-box
Fuse Ampere rating [A] Colour Description
a 16 red Window lift (Front right and rear left)
b 16 red Window lift (Front left and rear right)
c 16 red Auxiliary fan
d 16 red Sliding roof
1 8 white Parking and tail lights right, license plate/instrument/hazard warning, switch/heater and ventilation controls (rocker switches/shift indicator/electronic radio)
2 8 white Clock, trunk light, diagnostic, roof light front and rear, hazard warning system, warning monitor term.  5, automatic anenna, switch-over valve, seat back arrester
3 8 white Parking and tail light left
4 8 white Cigar lighter, glove compartment light, radio
16 red Cigar lighter, glove compartment light, radio, seat heating front
5 Not used
6 16 red Windshield wiper and washer, optical horn
7 8 white High beam right
8 16 red Blower motor, (Air conditioning compressor, switch over valve idle stabilization)
9 8 white High beam left, high beam indicator
10 16 red Heated rear window
11 16 red Low beam right, fog light
12 8 white Stop lamp, turn signal lamp, instrument cluster, cruise control (relay window lift term. 86, tachometer
13 8 white Low beam left
14 8 white Back-up lamp, warning monitor terminal 8, emission control, horn, overload protection (auto trans.(, relay auxiliary fan terminal 86, control unit, water pump and heating water valve for climate control system

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.