Mercedes S Class w108 250S – fuse box diagram

Mercedes w108 250S – fuse box diagram


List of fuses in the sequence top to bottom:

Fuse Fuse plugs DIN 72581 Line Circuit protected
1 8 30 Dome light, reading light, clearance lights, electric clock, passing signal light, glove box light, entrance – fuse box light
2 25 54 Wiper system, windshield washer system, 1st and 2nd signal horns, cigarette lighter
3 8 54 Control for autom. MB transmission*
4 8 54 Autim. starting device on carburetyor, blinker light system
5 8 54 Reversing lights, tank gauge, fuel reserve indicator, brakes control light
6 8 54 Brake lights, blower for defrosting while parking
7 8 58 Tail light right, parking light right, license plate light right, instrument panel light, trunk light
8 8 58 Tail light left, parking light left, license plate light left, fog light
9 8 56a High beam right, high beam control light
10 8 56a High beam left
11 8 56b Low beam right
12 8 56b Low beam left
* Optional

NOTE: The ignition connection has no fuse. If fuse blow out

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.