RAM ProMaster (2014) – fuse box diagram

RAM ProMaster (2014) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2014

Underhood Fuses

The Front Power Distribution Center is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment.

Cavity Maxi fuse Mini fuse Description
F01 40 ESC Pump
F02 20 (3.6 Gasoline Engine) Starter Relay 3.6L (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
50 (3.0 Diesel
Glow Plug Unit (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F04 50 (3.6 Gasoline Engine) Secondary PDC (Trans Power Relay, Vacuum Pump, KL30 for STM) (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
40 (3.0 Diesel Engine) Fuel Filter Heater (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F05 30 SELESPEED Pump RELE (3.0 Diesel Engine) – If Equipped
F06 40 (non A/C) Engine Cooling Fan – 2nd Speed
60 (A/C)
F07 50 (non A/C) Engine Cooling Fan – 1st Speed
60 (A/C)
F08 40 Passenger Compartment Blower
F09 15 Rear Power Outlet
F10 15 Horn
F11 15 MPROP-DRV (3.0 Diesel Engine) — If Equipped
F14 20 Power Outlet
F15 7,5 USB Charger
F16 7,5 KL15 STM (3.6), KL15 Starter Relay Coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine) KL15 MTA, KL15 Shift Lever Unit, KL15 ECM, KL15 Starter Relay Coil (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F17 20 ECM, Injectors (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
Secondary Loads, ECM (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F18 7,5 KL30 ECM, KL30 Main Relay Coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
7,5 KL30 MTA, KL30 ECM, KL30 Main Relay Coil (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F19 7,5 A/C Compressor (If Equipped)
F20 30 Windshield Wiper
F21 15 Fuel Pump
F22 20 ECM, Ignition Coils (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
20 ECM, Primary Loads (3.0 Diesel Engine)
F23 20 ESC Valves
F24 7,5 KL15 Vacuum pump relay coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine) — If Equipped
F30 15 Heated Mirrors


Front PDC Additional Fuses

The additional fuse box is located inside the front PDC Box.

RAM ProMaster – fuse box – front power distribution center
Cavity Mini fuse Description
F61 20 Vacuum Pump (3.6 Gasoline Engine) — If Equipped
F62 30 Transmission Power RELE (3.6 Gasoline Engine) — If Equipped
F64 7,5 Urea Pump (3.0 Diesel Engine) — If Equipped
F65 25 Urea NOX Sensor 1–2 — PM Sensor (3.0 Diesel Engine) — If Equipped
F66 5 STM (3.6 Gasoline Engine) — If Equipped


Interior Fuses

The interior fuse panel is part of the Body Control Module (BCM) and is located on the driver’s side under the instrument panel.

RAM ProMaster – fuse box-interior fuse panel
Cavity Mini fuse Description
F12 10 Right Low Beam
F13 10 Left Low Beam
F31 5 INT/A
F32 10 SBMT
F34 7,5 Clearance Lights
F36 15 +30 (ACM – TPCU – RRM – DLC)
F38 15 Central Locking
F43 20 Bi-Directional Washer Pump
F47 20 Driver Power Window
F48 20 Passenger Power Window
F49 5 INT (PAM – CCS – RRM – ECM)
F50 7,5 INT (ORC)
F53 5 +30 (IPC)
F90 7,5 Left High Beam
F91 7,5 Right High Beam
F92 7,5 Left Fog Lamp
F93 7,5 Right Fog Lamp

Right Central Pillar Fuses

The right central pillar fuse panel is located on the interior side at the base of the passenger side B pillar.

RAM ProMaster – fuse box – rear fuse panel
Cavity Mini fuse Description
F81 7,5 Seat Heater
F83 20 Rear Left Windows Heater
F84 20 Rear Right Windows Heater
F85 10 Rear Heater Prep

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.