Seat Toledo (2012) – fuse box diagram

Seat Toledo (2012) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2012

Fuses in the dash panel

Seat Toledo - fuse box diagram - dash panel
Seat Toledo – fuse box diagram – dash panel
Number Component
1 S – ignition
3 Instrument panel, headlight range control, telephone, oil level sensor
4 ABS/ESC control unit
5 Petrol engine: cruise control
6 Reverse light (manual gearbox)
7 Switch, engine control unit, automatic gearbox
8 Brake switch, clutch switch, cooling fan
9 Heating control panel, air conditioning control unit, parking aid, electric window riser, radiator fan, windscreen wiper jets
10 DC-DC converter
11 Exterior mirror control
12 Towing bracket control unit
13 Automatic gearbox control unit, automatic gear selector
14 Headlight range control
16 Power steering, speed sensor, engine control unit
17 Radio (START-STOP ) daytime driving light
18 Heated mirrors
19 Ignition inlet
20 Engine control unit, fuel pump control unit, fuel pump
21 Reverse light (automatic gearbox), fog lights with CORNER function
22 Heating control panel, control unit of the climate control, telephone, general instrument panel, steering wheel angle sensor, multifunction steering wheel, automatic gearbox key lock
23 Interior lighting, glove compartment and luggage compartment lighting, side lights
24 Central control unit for the vehicle
26 Rear window wiper
28 Petrol engine: AKF valve, additional heating
29 Injection, coolant pump
30 Fuel pump, ignition, cruise control
31 Lambda probe
32 High-pressure fuel pump, pressure valve
33 Engine control unit
34 Engine control unit, vacuum pump
35 Button backlighting, number plate lighting, parking lights, headlight washers
36 Main beams
37 Rear fog lights, DC/DC converter
38 Fog lights
39 Heater blower
41 Heated front seats
42 Heated rear window
43 Horn
44 Windscreen wipers
45 Rear lid lock, central locking system
46 Alarm
47 Cigarette lighter, luggage compartment power socket
48 ABS
49 Turn signals, brake lights
50 DC-DC converter, radio
51 Electric window riser (driver + rear left-hand side)
52 Electric window riser (front passenger + rear right-hand side)
53 Windscreen wash system
54 START-STOP general instrument panel, module below steering wheel, multifunction steering wheel
55 Automatic gearbox control unit
56 Headlight washer
57 Dipped beam headlight (left side)
58 Dipped beam headlight (right side)


Fuses in the engine compartment (version 1 and version 2)

Seat Toledo - fuse box diagram - engine compartment
Seat Toledo – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
Number Component
1 Alternator
3 Interior (version 1)
Fuse block power (version 2)
4 Additional electric heating (version 1)
Interior (version 2)
5 Interior
6 Radiator fan, glow plug system control unit
7 Electric-hydraulic power steering
9 Radiator fan
10 Automatic gearbox
11 ABS
12 Central control unit
13 Additional electric heating

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.