Skoda Octavia (2017) – fuse box diagram

Skoda Octavia (2017) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2017

Fuse box in dash panel

Skoda Octavia - fuse box - dashboard
Skoda Octavia – fuse box –
Number Power consumer
1 Not assigned
2 Not assigned
3 Voltage stabiliser for taxi vehicles
4 Heated steering wheel
5 Databus
6 Alarm sensor
7 Air conditioning, heating, recipient of the wireless remote control for auxiliary heating, selector lever of the automatic transmission
8 Light switch, rain sensor, diagnosis connection, ambient lighting, control unit for front headlights
9 All-wheel drive
10 Infotainment screen
11 Light – left
12 Infotainment
13 Belt tensioner – driver’s side
14 Air blower for air conditioning, heating
15 Electric steering lock
16 Phonebox, Wireless phone charging
17 Instrument cluster, emergency call
18 Reversing camera
19 KESSY system
20 Operating lever underneath the steering wheel
21 Adaptive Shock absorber
22 Trailer device – electrical outlet
23 Panoramic tilt / slide sunroof
24 Light – right
25 Central locking- front left door, window – left, exterior mirrors – Heating, fold-in function, setting the mirror surface
26 Heated front seats
27 Interior lighting
28 Towing hitch – left light
29 Not assigned
30 Heated rear seats
31 Not assigned
32 Parking aid (Park Assist)
33 Airbag switch for hazard warning lights
34 TCS, ESC, tyre pressure monitoring, air conditioning, reversing light switch, mirror with automatic blackout, START-STOP, heated rear seats, sport sound generator
35 Headlight range adjustment, diagnosis socket, sensor (camera) behind the windscreen, radar sensor
36 Headlight right
37 Headlight left
38 Towing hitch – right light
39 Central – front right door, window lifter – right, right Mirrors – Heating, fold-in function, setting the mirror surface
40 12-Volt power socket
41 Belt tensioner – front passenger side
42 Central – rear doors, headlamp washers, washer
43 Music amplifier
44 Trailer device – electrical outlet
45 Electrically adjustable seats
46 230-Volt power socket
47 Rear window wiper
48 Assist system for blind spot monitoring
49 Engine starting, clutch pedal switch
50 Opening the boot lid
51 Multi-function unit for taxi vehicles
52 Voltage stabiliser for taxis, USB socket
53 Heated rear window

Fuse box in engine compartment

Skoda Octavia - fuse box - engine compartment
Skoda Octavia – fuse box –
engine compartment
Number Power consumer
3 Engine control unit
4 Radiator fan, oil temperature sensor, air mass meter, valve for fuel pressure control, electric auxiliary heater, oil pressure relief valve, valve for exhaust gas recirculation
5 Ignition coil of CNG relay, fuel injectors, fuel metering valve
6 Brake sensor
7 Coolant pump, radiator shutters, oil pressure valve, gear oil valve
8 Lambda probe
9 Ignition, preheating unit, flue damper, heating the crankcase ventilation
10 Fuel pump, ignition
11 Electrical auxiliary heating system
12 Electrical auxiliary heating system
13 Automatic gearbox
14 Heated windscreen
15 Horn
16 Ignition, fuel pump, CNG relay
17 ABS, ESC, motor control system, Relay for heated windscreen
18 Databus, battery data module
19 Windscreen wipers
20 Anti-theft alarm
21 Heated windscreen
22 Engine control system, voltage stabilizer for taxi vehicles
23 Starter
24 Electrical auxiliary heating system
31 Vacuum pump
32 Not assigned
33 Oil pump for automatic gearbox
34 Front differential
35 Not assigned
36 Not assigned
37 Aux. heating
39 Not assigned

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.