Volkswagen Baywindow Bus (1971) – fuse box diagram

Volkswagen Baywindow Bus (1971) – fuse box diagram


Year of production: 1971

Wiring diagrams (1971 models) (411 937 505B)

Volkswagen Baywindow Bus - fuse box diagram -wiring diagram
Volkswagen Baywindow Bus – fuse box diagram -wiring diagram
Protected Component
1 8 Tail light right, Sidemarker rear right, License plate light
2 8 Tail light left, Sidemarker rear left
3 8 Right headlight
4 8 Left high beam
5 8 Right high beam
6 8 Left headlight, High beam warning light
7 8 Fresh air fans
8 8 Interior light front, Emergency flasher, Turn signals
9 16 Accessory, Door buzzer, Interior light rear
10 8 Brake lights, Horn
11 16 Rear defogger, Windshield wipers
12 8 Parking brake control light, Alternator light, Turn signal warning light, Fuel gauge

The owner’s manuals aren’t clear which fuses are 8A and which are 16A and it varies from year to year. Bentley is even less clear and there is a mistake in the manual but the color wiring diagrams explain which fuses protection which circuits.


  • There are twelve fuses in fuseboxes of 70-79 models but only 10 in the 68-69 models.
  • 68-69 models only use 8A fuses.
  • Accessory means radio in most cases but can also mean gas heater in addition.
  • Fresh air fans were mainly available on non-US models for defogging the front windshield.

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.